When Police Become Prey: The Cold, Hard Facts of Neil Stonechild’s Freezing Death

by Candis McLean


“Best new book of 2016.” – Canadian Justice Review Board


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At the news conference November 24, 2015, disgraced officer Larry Hartwig spoke about the “investigation” into Neil Stonechild’s death, explaining the timeline of events that would have had to have occurred in order for Jason Roy’s allegation to be true. Some of these events were ignored by those acting on behalf of “justice.” Media sources present all agreed it was impossible for Hartwig and Senger to have encountered Neil Stonechild and beat him up within the 7-minute time frame critical to this case, yet ignored by RCMP, Public Inquiry and subsequent hearings. If the officers could not have encountered him and beat him up, then it is also impossible for the other alleged events to have occurred that evening. In a similar fashion, the alleged “handcuff” marks can just as easily be disproven. What does this say about the RCMP who spend 3 years “investigating” this case? What does this say about their exclusion of critical evidence? What does this say about our “justice” system that was willing to sacrifice two well-respected police officers known for their strong moral and ethical values? Using a Public Inquiry as a substitute for a trial? One where the “suspects” have no ability to call evidence, defend themselves, and no way to clear their names? Such a justice system corrupts the very principles that the law is supposed to be based upon.


“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

In her latest book When Police Become Prey, award-winning author and investigative journalist, Candis McLean, presents results of her ten-year investigation into the tragic death of Neil Stonechild in November 1990, and the subsequent injustice inflicted upon two Saskatoon police officers, Constables Larry Hartwig and Brad Senger.

With her trademark tenacity for uncovering the truth, which in 2004 convinced the Canadian government to alter its policy on compensation for victims of tainted blood transfusions, McLean presents shocking facts surrounding Stonechild’s freezing death, which were either missed, ignored or suppressed by the RCMP reinvestigation of the case, as well as the subsequent public inquiry.

The author believes that making Canadians aware of the blatant scapegoating of two officers whonever had the opportunity to defend their innocence in a court of law before being fired will spur citizens to take action to reform their justice system.

After all, if the justice system can assign blame to two reputable police officers – blame that not only flies in the face of the evidence, but is based solely on the word of one convicted criminal – are any of us safe?

“A true life whodunit!” – Wallace Gilby Craig, BC Criminal Court Judge (retired)

“Evidence exposed in this book cries out for justice!” – Art Hanger, MP (retired)

“An epic tale, both explosive and necessary!”
 – Dennis Watlington, American Emmy Award-winning screenwriter

“This book is another example of the need to re-think the way we do business in the justice system.” 
– John Reilly, Alberta Provincial Court Judge (retired), and author/speaker at ‘Re-thinking Justice’